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The business community in the municipality is small-scale, but diversified, and includes companies ranging from reindeer husbandry and culture to exploration and cutting-edge technology. The proportion of young, and particularly female, business owners is comparatively high.

We welcome you and your business venture!

A strong business community is important for the development of the municipality. With us, you should have a great opportunity to start, run, and develop your business!

Sorsele municipality was awarded “The best business climate in Northern Sweden” in 2018 and 2019. We see this as a sign that the companies in our municipality are doing a fantastic job, and that the council in Sorsele municipality is working hard to create the best possible conditions for the companies to grow.

Forestry, agriculture, construction and transport are sectors that rank high compared to the national average. So does culture related services.

The tourism industry has great potential and is developing in a positive way thanks to increased competence and cooperation, but also thanks to many of the major natural and cultural assets being made accessible. In connection with the reindeer husbandry sector, which is centred around the Sami villages of Ran and Gran, several companies have been established within tourism and the processing of their own products. The municipality is also home to several niche companies that produce food and wood products with a very good reputation nationally as well as internationally.

Thanks to extensive fibre broadband internet, new markets and networks can be developed and more companies in the service sector can also be run remotely. Strong growth is expected in the computer and electronics sector, in part as a result of the development of the digital internet connection.

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Keeping the municipality alive Did you know...

...Sorsele municipality has a high percentage of business owners. 20.7 % of the population are self-employed.

...The private sector provides 60 % of all jobs and 40 % of the tax revenues in the municipality.

...31.7 % of the business managers in the municipality are women.

Set up your business in Sorsele municipality

We are continuously working to develop Sorsele as an attractive place for companies and new establishments. There are many people who work with business matters in various ways in the municipality, ranging from counselling and educational programmes to land issues.

We offer good communications with first-rate broadband and one hour to the airport in Arvidsjaur. Furthermore, both the European Highway 45 and the railway Inlandsbanan pass through our municipality. A small municipality has great advantages, from fast decision-making turnaround times to a highly collaborative business community.

Sorsele municipality owns land and several properties. If you have questions regarding the sale or purchase of real estate, leasing of municipal land or other related issues, you are welcome to contact the municipality’s technical office.