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Are you curious about what life is like in Sorsele Municipality? We want to make it easy for anyone who’s considering moving to our municipality to find the information they might need, which is why we’ve gathered a bunch of things you might be interested in. If anything’s lacking, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

A little closer, a little warmer!

This is how it is: we’re small-scale in every way other than the nature surrounding us, because that’s as magnificent as it gets.

Sorsele Municipality is bang in the middle of Lapland, and while it’s one of the smallest municipalities in Sweden, in terms of area it’s huge. So, why should you come here?

Because our small size is charming, an advantage and a challenge all at the same time. It’s these contrasts that’ll make you grateful – and drive you crazy – every now and then.

Living in a sparsely populated area such as this requires a little curiosity, creativity and flexibility. As well as the confidence to take care of things yourself – both practically and theoretically. On the other hand, most things are nearby. Except possibly in terms of distance, depending on where you decide to settle. This is a place to fall in love with and people to care about. 

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