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Sorsele Municipality offers different types of housing in attractive locations, and you can choose between renting and owning your home throughout the municipality. Wherever you decide to settle in our municipality, you’ll soon realise how peaceful and safe it is to live here!

Find a home

Whether you want to settle in an urban area or a village, there are opportunities for outdoor pursuits, coffee with a view and everything imaginable in the great outdoors.

 The housing queue at the housing company SorseleBo is short and the level of service is high, and there are also popular private landlords who rent out apartments. House prices are generally low in most of the municipality, although they are higher in the mountain village of Ammarnäs.

Sorsele town has an extensive district heating network, we’re one of the municipalities with the most extensive broadband networks and the municipal water is of great quality. Welcome to Sorsele Municipality, whether you plan to rent or buy!

Rent or buy?

The municipal housing company SorseleBo AB owns and manages some 160 apartments in Sorsele and Blattnicksele. In addition to these, there are a number of private landlords in Sorsele Municipality.

Homes for sale are most easily found on the websites and You can also keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace. Your bank can often prove helpful when purchasing a property.


When you want to build, alter or demolish a building, the environment and your neighbours are affected for a long time to come.

Accordingly, there are rules regulating how and where we’re allowed to build. In most cases, a building permit is required. And in other cases, notification is required, even if a building permit isn’t. The need for a building permit depends on whether the property is located inside or outside the detailed development plan area.

Sweden has what is known as shoreline protection, which means that the area within one-hundred metres of a shoreline is protected from development and other measures that would infringe upon the right of public access to these areas. However, Sorsele Municipality has specially designated areas where it may be easier to be granted an exemption.

Sorsele Municipality lists plots and land for sale on its website.

Contact the city planning office

Water and wastewater

Municipal water and wastewater are provided in Blattnicksele, Gargnäs, Ammarnäs and Sorsele.

If you live outside these places and are not connected to the municipal water and wastewater network, you have, or need to have, a separate water well and a septic tank. If you have a separate septic tank, you are obliged to let the municipality empty it. This is done during the period from May to September at least once a year for permanent residences and every other year for holiday homes.

Contact GVA office's customer service

Waste management and recycling

Recycling and considerate waste management enable everyone to help save our natural resources. Recycling is commonplace and there are also laws regulating how our waste needs to be sorted and managed.

Sorsele Municipality has three recycling centres, in Ammarnäs, Gargnäs and Svartliden, three kilometres from Sorsele town. The recycling centres are staffed and are where you take bulky waste, electronics, hazardous waste and landfill waste. You can also sort and discard packaging, such as glass, carton and plastic, at recycling stations.

If you’re a permanent resident of the municipality, you’re obliged to have waste collection, and it’ll soon be mandatory even for holiday home owners. The waste must be sorted into food waste and residual waste, that is, whatever is left once you’ve sorted everything else, such as nappies, old clothes and cigarette ends. Contact the GVA office’s customer service if you have any questions about waste and waste management.

Contact GVA office's customer service