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Jonna Eriksson

Our residents: Amanda Sundstrom

Amanda Sundström met snowmobile racer Emil Harr and moved from Arvidsjaur to Buresjön in Sorsele Municipality. She really loves Buresjön and has done so from the very first day.

What brought you to Sorsele Municipality?

“I met Emil and fell in love. It was because of his lifestyle and hobby that I moved to him and not the other way around. However, I’ve always wanted to live in the countryside so it was never really an issue as to who would move because I wanted to, and I really love living in Buresjön! The only drawback was having to give up a permanent position for a temporary position.”

Tell us about your daily life and your hobbies.

“I work as a preschool assistant in Blattnicksele while studying to be a preschool teacher. I’ll be graduating this summer and really love my job and all the kids.

At the moment, I study most evenings and weekends, so don’t always have much time over. But any spare time I do have, I spend with my four dogs and exercising in different ways. I train a lot in Sorsele at Trim365, go out running or ski along the snowmobile track.

My partner is away in the US from November to April with one trip home in between. His profession entails training to be the best at what he does, so when he’s at home in the off-season, he trains for the coming season, so we train a lot together. Another of our shared interests is hunting. This is something I first became interested in when I moved to Buresjön. We hunt both elk and birds when we have the time.”

What does Sorsele Municipality mean to you?

“Sorsele is my home. I might not have ended up here if I hadn’t met someone from here as it’s not a place I’ve passed through very often, but this is where my life is now. I have my friends and my hobbies here. I have everything here now.”

What’s your favourite place in Sorsele Municipality?

“My Buresjön, of course. It’s my favourite place on earth, I think. I love coming home. Every time I drive over the hill and see our house, I’m like, ‘Just think, I live here, lucky me’. If I were to say anything other than Buresjön, I’d say the forest. I just love being there. You can just stroll around without feeling any demands on you.”

As a place, in what way does Sorsele Municipality help you realise your dreams?

“My partner and I are very different. He has his big dream of winning and being the best at what he does. I’m the opposite. I just want my place in Buresjön and peace and quiet. In Sorsele Municipality, I get peace and quiet, and I love that. Everything’s so simple. There’s no hassle. It’s easy to have a dog. If I want to go snowmobiling, I go snowmobiling. If I want to go skiing, I go skiing.”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about moving to Sorsele Municipality?

“If you’ve thought about moving to Sorsele, I’d recommend it. Don’t be afraid to give it a go! The nature and the community are wonderful, so if you like the climate and the peace and quiet here, I think you’d be very happy. Since Sorsele isn’t that big, you get seen and it’s easy to get to know people. And if you get a local job, that’s a fast track into the community.

As someone who lives in Buresjön, works in Blattnicksele and spends a lot of time in the Sorsele area, I get the same feeling in Sorsele and the surrounding villages – they feel familiar and safe.”

Last edited: 24 January 2024