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Jenny Ottosson

Our residents: Hamza

Before settling in Sweden, Hamza lived in Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and Denmark. It was only when he came to Sweden and Sorsele that he felt at home, and it was here that he found his true love, Petra.

What brought you to Sorsele Municipality?

“I’m originally from Morocco but have travelled to many different countries, and it was only when I arrived in Denmark that I felt happy. I applied for asylum there, but was sent to northern Denmark, to the countryside. I didn’t want to live there, I wanted to live in Copenhagen, so I had no choice but to move on. When I came to Sweden, about five-and-a-half years ago, the Migration Agency moved me from Växsjö to Sorsele.

Not speaking much English and having no one from my home country living here were to my advantage. I had to learn Swedish to be able to speak to and communicate with people. When I was in Växsjö, I never spoke Swedish because so many people spoke my native language.”

Tell us about your daily life and your hobbies.

“I’ve recently changed jobs, so now I work for Sorsele Buss och Taxi. I spend most of my spare time at home with my family. Petra and I have friends who also have children and with whom we have dinner parties. I also enjoy playing different games with the kids.

I completed a three-year forest machine operator course in Lycksele, which encompasses most aspects of forestry, such as operating harvesters and forwarders, clearing, using chainsaws and even getting a hunter’s permit. This autumn was the second autumn I’ve been hunting with the hunting club, and it’s great fun!

Since I left Morocco, I haven’t been back there, so Petra and the kids haven’t met my biological family yet. My mum was over the moon when I told her that I’d met Petra. We videocall my family every week, and they love Petra and the kids. I can’t wait for the day when we can go there to visit my family.”

What’s your favourite place in Sorsele Municipality?

“Aha is my favourite place, I really love being there! We’re often there because my father-in-law has a cabin there and I hunt there. In the summer, we fish, pick berries and go rafting on Lake Aha.”

As a place, in what way does Sorsele Municipality help you realise your dreams?

“Sorsele is a place where I feel safe! A place for me but also a future place for our children. Not much happens here, and you don’t need to lock your car or your front door. Living here feels really safe! I’ve lived in many big cities before, but this is where I want to live. I’m tired of the kind of life I had in big cities. As soon as I arrived here, I felt that this is the place for me. At first, I had no idea where different places like the Nalovardo ski resort were, and the staff at the accommodation for new arrivals showed us different places, but it’s something else completely when you discover them yourself.”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about moving to Sorsele Municipality?

“If you like peace and quiet and want to avoid stress, then this is the place to live. You can live a life in harmony with nature here, and the people are friendly. You don’t get to meet and know people in the same way when you live in a big city. When I lived in Berlin, I was just one of three million people. No one said hello to me, it was like I didn’t exist. Even though I’m not from here, I feel at home here. Everyone says hello to you, and I feel welcome. It’s a really nice feeling.

If I were ever to move away, I’d miss Sorsele more than my home town. It’s become my home. Say, for example, that I’ve been to Umeå and I’m on my way home, when I get to Blattnicksele, I feel happy inside, it feels like I’m home. 

I’ve never had any problems getting work here. For me, it’s been easier to get a job in Sorsele than in a big city. Buying a house here is much cheaper, and you don’t need as much to live a good life here.”


Last edited: 24 January 2024