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Our residents: Emil Vennberg

Emil Vännberg moved back to Sorsele after twelve years. Like so many others, he feels that Sorsele is a safe place to live. He also believes that increasingly more people will move away from the cities to smaller places. “When we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, we could still continue with our hobbies more or less the way we always do. We could still live our lives.”

What brought you to Sorsele Municipality?

“I grew up in Sorsele, but I’ve lived elsewhere for about twelve years. I moved to Norway three-and-a-half years before I returned and studied to become a personal trainer via a distance learning course in Stockholm. After that, I moved back to Norway again, but then in March 2020, I got a job at the school in Sorsele and moved back home.”

Tell us about your daily life and your hobbies.

“I work as a chimney sweep for Malå chimney sweeping district. Before that, I worked in Gällivare with asphalting. In my spare time, I do quite a bit of weight training and MMA. I’m also trying to be a mentor for the youngsters if we manage to put together a senior football team. Otherwise, I hang out with friends, family and acquaintances.”

What does Sorsele Municipality mean to you?

“Sorsele is freedom. A quiet place where you’re close to nature. It’s the place that’s made me who I am, and a place I can always fall back on. A safe place, quite simply.”

What’s your favourite place in Sorsele Municipality?

“Aha [the village, editor’s note], of course! There is only one place. It’s the place where my mum grew up and a place where I spent a great deal of time when I was younger. The summers there are absolutely amazing. Just being on the lake with my raft, fishing and spending time with relatives and family.”

As a place, in what way does Sorsele Municipality help you realise your dreams?

“I don’t have any dreams exactly, but I do have goals. And I’m convinced that I can achieve my goals in Sorsele. One of my goals is to set up an MMA club. It’s something me and another guy have been working on since 2020, and we’re starting to see a lot of the pieces fall into place now.

I hope that people will realise what a good form of exercise it is, and that the interest will be big enough to keep it going. Maybe we can even attract people from the surrounding municipalities who’re eager to give it a go.”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about moving to Sorsele Municipality?

“It’s a nice municipality with nice people. If you’re looking for a simple life and a safe place to live and start a family, then Sorsele is ideal. We’re far from some things, but we’re still close to everything. Since it’s a smaller community, everyone knows everyone, which offers peace of mind should something happen. Everyone who lives here also understands how important it is to help each other.”

Last edited: 24 January 2024